Our services

Our team thrive on creating bespoke looks using the highest of quality cosmetics for your special day. Products include MAC, NARS, Makeup Forever, Bobbi Brown, YSL. The use of HD makeup enables us to create flawless looks time and time again. Our job is to provide a reliable service that can be personalised to suit the needs of editorial publications, videography, theatrical/live TV productions, portraits, red carpet events, weddings and engagements.

Our team compliment the face using stunning hairdressing techniques, from up-do’s to fishtails and everything else in-between. Curly or straight, long or short, we’ll find a look just right for you. Extensions are available upon request.
Whether you’re attending a wedding, party, red carpet event or hosting a Live TV show, our makeup services will ensure you look flawless from any angle.
Stress-free and friendly, our bridal bookings offer a full service. This service includes full HD makeup, hair styling, (including all additional hair extensions) eyelashes, dressing and jewellery setting.

As a make up artist, it quickly became apparent how much of a difference professional makeup lessons can make. For most women, makeup tuition is something carried out by mothers and sisters in an informal manner and although many great tips and tricks are shared this way, a simple lesson from a professional can make the world of difference in terms of the enhancement of both beauty and confidence.

Teaching you the basics:

Our makeup lessons are designed to teach you the basics of creating a perfect complexion that looks naturally flawless day or night. We concentrate on your personal preferences, individual face shape and unique skin colour to map out a way in which you can enhance your facial features and disguise imperfections accordingly.

At the start of each lesson, we will assess the student properly, making a mental note of their features, skin tone and hair. After testing products, discussing their everyday needs and desires and matching their skin tone, Wewill suggest products, textures and colours suitable for you as an individual.

Easy to create looks:

If you have aspirations to change or adapt your current look, we can discuss easy ‘DIY’ ways to replicate looks from role models, catwalk models or mood boards and make it your own. Often, the smallest changes can make a significant difference to your appearance and many are quick to learn, achieve and incorporate into your lifestyle and everyday makeup routine. For example, false eyelashes take just a matter of minutes to master (when taught correctly) and have the ability to open up the eyes and highlight the surrounding features such as eyebrows, cheekbones and brow bones.

To make the most of these lessons, it is advised that you ask for day to night beauty and makeup techniques. This way, you will have a useful understanding of the basic steps to be taken to transform one look into another in the least amount of time.